Some Random Pics

So I have two groups of pictures for you today.  The first group is from my company holiday party.  It was held at the Mob Museum here in Las Vegas.  These are a few that I thought came out particularly well.

The second group is a bunch of pictures of Isaac that I found on my memory card when I was going through the hundreds of photos I took at the party.  These go all the way back to September so you’ll see some significant differences between some of them.

– Papa-D


October Photos!

Isaac and Daddy Down a Very BIG Slide


September Photos!

Isaac Having Fun at the Park

Isaac Not Liking Shaved Ice



At first, I thought he just blinked when I took the picture. Then I tried again, and he blinked again! And then again… “Isaac… Are you intentionally blinking?!” And then he laughs at me. What a stinker!!!


Holy Sunset!

Last night we had one of the more impressive sunsets I’ve seen since we moved out here.  And we do get some impressive, big-sky, desert sunsets!

But this one… it had just paused storming for a few minutes and it was still drizzling lightly.  The sun dipped below the cloud cover and cast a syrupy golden glow across the city.  I went outside to check it out and there was a full rainbow across the sky behind our house.  I tried to snap a photo of the rainbow and of the sunset.  Neither of them really do their subjects justice, but what the heck.  Here you go.

– Papa-D


Isaac at the Water Park

Isaac went out to the water park today in Towne Square, where Dan and I work.  It took him a few minutes to figure out whether he liked the place or not, and I am happy to report that he still LOVES water!

“Hm…  I’m not sure about this…”

“Let me see what it feels like…”

“I’ll get in a little closer…”


And finally…


1st Birthday Party!

Well, happy first birthday to our curious, wonderful, bright, loving, silly, beautiful little man!  Here are some pics from the first birthday party.  (I have some more great pics from the last month or so that I’ll post separately in a round-up.)  Our little guy is getting so big!

– Papa-D



Yeah, that went from tentative first steps to walking pretty quickly.  I’m guessing in one more week he’ll be full on walking everywhere.

Also:  Isaac is goofy.

– Papa-D


First Steps

Okay well Isaac has started taking his first baby steps.  We’ve tried capturing it on video… oh how we’ve tried.  I’ve deleted tons of videos of him not walking as he was walking towards me to see what I was doing.  He’s an a-hole like that, and we love him for it.  I think he gets it from me.

Anyways, here are a few first tentative steps.  When we get a video of him doing better, we’ll be sure to post it.

– Papa-D


Walking and Talking!

Isaac turned 11 months two days ago and it made me realize that I haven’t done an update on here in a really long time! We’ve been pretty good about keeping in touch with Safta/PopPop and also Ong/Ba Ngoai, so we haven’t felt the need to super keep everyone in the loop with all of Isaac’s new developments. But for those who do care, here’s a post for you!

Isaac is walking! Just a few days shy of turning 11 months, Isaac started taking his first steps. We got some of it on video, but he tends to walk most when we’re not expecting it and when he doesn’t see a camera pointing at him. It is just incredible how fast he jumped from standing on his own, and then to walking! I feel like it was only days after we were cheering him for freely standing by himself that he started taking baby steps. So far, he’s able to taking maybe 10-15 steps before landing on his very padded tushy.

Isaac’s been saying “mamama” and “dadada”. He kind of says it all the time, but when he does want either Dan or myself, he will look at us and will say a very clear, “Dada” or “Mama”. His new thing that we’ve officially decided is not a fluke is that he is able to say bye-bye when someone says good-bye to him. He did it once when we dropped him off at day care on Friday, but we weren’t super sure if it was intentional. Well, today when his Ba Ngoai was saying good-bye to him after hanging out together on Skype, he waved his hand at the camera and said “bah-bah”. And it happened again when his Uncle Buckley was leaving to the market and Isaac heard me say “bye” to him. Isaac immediately started waving from his playpen and said “bah-bah”!

So very big developments for Month 10, I must say!


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